Build Force
Type Club's Gunpla Battle Team
Led by Taki
Sphere of Influence Gunpla Academy
Part of Gundam Force Club
Mobile Weapons
RX-78 FANT-2 Armored Gundam "Alex" (Early)

KUMA-73 Beargguy Nana
RGM-79SA Armor GM Sniper (Incomplete)


Team Build Force is a Gunpla Battle team formed by the members of the Gundam Force Club of Gunpla Academy, based in Japan.


Suffering a competitive drought for years, Gundam Force Club was facing shutdown and absorption into other clubs of the academy, which saw many students jump ship from the Gunpla Battle Club. Club leader Tsumuki and Emiko were the remaining members of the degrading club. The Hounds of Cerberus’ Gates Club's Hellhound team and Science Tech Club's Science Techies team are a few aggressive-types of clubs that wanted to absorb Gundam Force Club. After the arrival of Hisoka, the club was secured and the team was named by Taki as team "Build Force"


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